Disability staffing

Recruitment Of Candidates With Disabilities

“The definition of disability is people who have long term, recurring physical or mental impairment which substantially limits their prospects of entry into advancement or in employment”. – Employment Equity Act.

Prior to Teleresources developing a specialised disability recruitment offering as the premier provider to the South African marketplace, extensive research was done in order to understand how best to integrate candidates with disabilities into the workplace. It became evident that a full value chain was to be created, covering everything from the onset of the candidate sourcing, to employment, and finally to managing their productivity and successfully creating meaningful work for candidates with disabilities.

Along with a stringent target of 2% having to be met on the B-BBEE scorecard, Teleresources heeded the call to action. Teleresources’s Learnerships, Internships and Disability division has been committed from the onset to assisting our clients in achieving their employment equity requirements. We’ve made this possible by developing customised and flexible recruitment strategies, resulting in an increase in the number of employment opportunities available to people with disabilities.

Teleresources investigated the various reasons for candidates with disabilities not remaining in their place of employ. A fundamental cause was lack of support received by the manager and lack of support the manager received to acquire the BEST out of the candidate.

As a result, our Learnership, Internship and Disability team designing a bespoke recruitment and support methodology to drive the successful incorporation of candidates with disabilities into the workplace and provide meaningful work for people with disabilities.

When Teleresources partners with our client, we ensure that we profile the job required to be fulfilled against the key competencies needed to execute the job. We are therefore able to identify a disability that can be reasonably accommodated in the position without adversely affecting the productivity of the organisation. The engagement includes an assessment of the working environment by one of our accredited consultants. This is known as a Universal Access Scan. This valuable insight can also be used as part of the clients’ Human Resources Transformation Plan.

It is highly recommended that as part of the value chain, a sensitisation workshop be held from entry level workers to Exco. This will empower the organisation to be cognisant of the appropriate manner in which to involve employees with disabilities and help them understand what Reasonable Accommodation is. Our thorough end to end recruitment process is carried out with the intention of Hiring, Inspiring and Admiring the perfect placement.

A strong differentiator between Teleresources and other providers is that we provide a support model that empowers all parties to participate in expressive interactions in a way that is professional and non- biased. The goal is to drive candidate and client engagement, ultimately resulting in the overall wellness of the workplace.

The employment of candidates with disabilities can be realised in the following employee models:

» Disability Workshop
» Sensitisation
» Workplace Audits
» Reasonable accommodation

» Employment governed by EEA, BCEA,
LRA and Disability code of good practice

» Key Account Methodology
» Job Coach