Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Teleresources is committed to consistently delivering a rigorous and diligent recruitment process for our clients and candidates. We aim to identify and match the best talent to employers-of-choice. Before we even start advertising a job to the labour market, we want to ensure that we really understand your needs: the competencies and skills required by the job, as well as your company culture.

In order to find the best candidates for you, we cast our talent-net as wide as possible, using both traditional media and online media. We’ve built our systems and database to integrate searching and sourcing via multiple media channels. Our proactive recruitment strategy extends beyond the traditional candidate-database to building talent-communities, both online and offline.

During the sourcing process, we collate industry info and data trends, which we are happy to feed back to you in order for you to use to your organization’s advantage. If requested, we can provide reports on sourcing stats for your job-order.

Upon receiving candidate applications, we consistently follow a rigorous assessment methodology for each and every candidate which includes: CV screening, a telephonic interview, a face-to-face interview, Proficien-C tests (software, typing and PC competency; numeracy; literacy; data capturing); a recorded customer-service or sales role-play (which we submit to you with the candidate’s CV); Kroll checks (education, credit, and criminal record checks); telephonic previous employer-references. In addition to this, where you have a particular assessment need (a test or criteria) we can customize our process in order to incorporate it and feed it back as part of the information submitted with each candidate.

We appreciate that you don’t just want a candidate for your job, but also the delivery of each candidate’s CV and data in a fashion that is consistent, intuitive and easy for you to use. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency with which we submit candidate data to you, as well as playing an active role in liaising with them and helping sell the opportunities at your company to talented candidates.